When it comes to dating. What's wrong with me?

Hi everyone. I am at a total and complete loss and the most confused I've ever been! I've been trying to date for several years now to no avail- no dates no meet ups, not even a interesting conversation with a woman? Have been on several dating sites on line and on facebook. No women seem at all interested? I've made it quite clear to the women that I've been interested in over the years so they've known that I have been interested in them mabey 40-50 women with all different body types from thin to large, all different ages from 25 to 45 and with different backgrounds. Now I'm a good looking guy, I'm fit, I'm talented, I'm confident, I even own my own business and I'm told from friends and family that I have a great personality! Hey I can even write read and play music! Hahaha. I know I've got a lot to offer but I'm afraid ill never get the chance to offer what I've got? So if women aren't interested in guys with my qualities then what types of guys are they into?


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  • If you were good-looking, talented and confident, then I don't understand why you would be turned down so much. Unless of course you're fooling yourself.


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  • It's hard for me to believe that you are good looking, talented and confident and still struggle with women. Just saying