My boyfriend's mom yelled at me?

I went over to his house to say goodbye because I'm leaving for college. We wen't on a short walk and went to my car, where I started crying because I didn't want to leave him. Then his dad comes out and tells him to go in, so I say goodbye and get in the car. I drive down a street a bit and pull over because I'm crying too hard to drive safely. My boyfriend comes running and gets in the car to comfort me. I told him to go home and not make his parents mad, but he refuses. After 10 mins, his mom comes and yells at him to get home. Then, she leans in the car and says "you should be ashamed. we are ashamed" (in chinese) and then slams the car door. I'm confused, hysterically crying, and my boyfriend is probably having a huge fight with his parents. I don't know what to do. Please help!

His parents haven't been that supportive from the start, but his mom has never directly said that to me before. I'm extremely embarrassed but I don't know what I did wrong. My boyfriend and I love each other so much, but I hate getting in between him and his parents. But breaking up would break both our hearts.

we are both chinese, but i'm two years older than him


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  • Is there a cultural difference between you and the boyfriend?

  • Are you Asian?


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  • I have a son. And I would never ever do something like that to him or his girlfriend.

    • i'm very confused and hurt ;(

    • Well he has to stand up to his mother. If you and him are serious... just imagine how she would be as a mother in law