How did you meet all your boyfriends/girlfriends?

i am just really really... befuddled... is the right word, as to how people developed from complete strangers into lovers? That part of the human experience seems to have escaped me, because I have never developed any social circle since I was 12 so I have never had any real close friends, and at school, that "right" girl just never appeared, and I assume most people meet their bf/gf through people they know? But since I don't have that option, I am just REALLY confused as to how so many people seem to have a partner, and change them frequently too? That's like being able to finding a soul mate every 6 months, which just seems really impossible to me.


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  • I just hit it off with people. It's been a long while since I met anyone but my partner but I was fun, approachable, outgoing. I'll happily chat with a stranger if they're nice.

    My ex's I met via various channels. My first proper boyfriend I met when I worked at my moms shop for the summer, he came in asking about some of the things for sale, he came back the next day again and after that we just got to be friends. A year later we started dating.

    Other boyfriends, some have been friends of friends, one was my friends brother, I've approached guys I like the look of and let them know my intentions, I met another ex when I moved into a shared house with him... my current partner I met when we started working together. I'd just started a new job and he was the chef at the restaurant.

    Work, friends, approaching them directly, casual encounters... thats how I've met my previous SO's.

    • Thanks but your answer absolutely did not answer the key of my question:

      "... we just got to be friends. A year later we started dating..." <--- that right there is exactly what I mean by befuddled, what happened between being friends and dating, what happened on the day that led you to start dating?

      my current partner I met when we started working together. <--- I worked with a lot girls together and we didn't become partners.

      seem what I mean when I say I don't understand?

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    • Oh absolutely, without a doubt. Do you expect an intimate bond to develop in a group? One to one time is essential I would say, definitely for that crucial moment. I know that I personally wouldn't kiss a guy in front of lots of people, certainly not for the first time.

    • This is what dates are for.

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  • I'm exactly like you - ever since 12, I haven't been part of a social circle. So I didn't and still don't have many opportunities to meet girls. I have only met two girls thus far and both were from tinder and both failed -__-


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  • I've only been with one guy and I met him when were were 11, though we didn't get into a relationship until we were 15.

  • I have no social circle since I was 10.
    But throughout luck and coincidence I met my boyfriend. 😂
    Seriously, what were the chances to be hosted by the same family in the woods of Poland? 😂

  • Through opening my mouth and having a conversation.

  • We met on here talking about pokemon, no joke :))


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