What are some moves I can make on him to show him my feelings?

So I think my friend and I are kinda together. Nothing has really been outright said as like an agreement thing. He just said we were dating multiple times and I never denied it. When we are out he makes moves. Such as he will hug me and he will grab my waist, pull me close, joke around with me, hit my butt. He also kisses my hand and ill kiss his and sometimes ill kiss his cheek. However I only do it if he initiates it, just because for what ever reason im afraid he may not want it at that time. He said I can touch him any way I want and he wants me to make moves too. I've never been shown much affection, my family isn't really affectionate nor are my friends. Every past relationship I had they would always push my affection away. So im just a little confused on what to do here. What can I do to make moves on him if im shy. Small moves that say a lot that I can do in public and in private. Maybe some slightly bigger moves for when I come out of my comfort zone. Im really trying to learn so I can make this work. I really do like him and I want to try my best so any help will be appreciated.


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  • You dont. You use your mouth and speak. Tell him. We can't read or understand minds or signals


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  • Initiate holding his hand, lean on his chest, pet his hair and if you feel bold enough, initiate kissing him.