My partner really wants to keep photos of him and his ex, things like that don't usually bother me but this does. he won't get rid of them?

my partner has two photos in frames of him and his ex and a photo album she put together one year as a Christmas present. She cheated on him lots of times yet they were together for 3 years. I know that everyone has a past and I'm not usually bothered by little things like this. He says he want to keep the photos to remember as she will always mean something to him as she is his longest relationship. No matter how many times I say it upsets me and makes me uncomfortable that they're in my house he still insists on keeping them. he's made me stop talking to all of my mates, get rid of all ex things et he's allowed everything. I don't know how to make him see how much it affects me seeing them everyday. Apparently she put too much effort in for him to throw out, and that matters more than how I feel. I gave up everything for him and he can't do this for me. So am I being a selfish twat for asking him to get rid of them or should he get rid of them? And what shall I do.


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  • I completely agree with you. That would piss me off too. If the photos were of a former bf/gf who had died, I would understand keeping them. But an ex? No way!


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  • Oh shit. That would bother me too. It would make me assume that he's not over her. I don't think you're selfish at all, especially if you have thrown away stuff that your exes have given to you.