I need help with this girl situation please?

So there is this girl I have known for a while but recently got close, texting mostly everyday sometimes for hours, also she want me to teach her my language ( as we both speak different languages). Thing is she just went through a break up a while back and immediately after that she started seeing someone nothing serious though she doesn't even address him as boyfriend.
Anyway yesterday I got a haircut and she asked to send her a picture so I did and replied that I looked too cute and innocent, and today while we were texting during the conversation she sent me a blushing hug face.
I know most of you will say just ask her out or hang out with her more, , my problem is I think I am falling for her day by day and I dont want to things to weird between us specially that she is seeing someone ( who is currently away from her) so what should I do?


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  • I honestly think you should start dating other girls.


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  • That sounds like puppie love. You are not falling for her, just having a crush.