Do you think he's serious about me?

I met this guy about a month and a half ago. As we started talking we found out about how many things we've had in common and we started hanging out right away. He's cute and seemed super sweet and never met a guy that was so much like me. We don't live that close but been seeing eachother 1-2 times a week. The other week I told him about how every year I go camping and he sortov/indirectly told me he'd love to come up. I was like oh I always go with the family but that he can come if he wants. Of course I'd love for him to come but I didn't want to pressure it since I haven't known him for very long realistically speaking. We've done everything except have sex - he doesn't like using condoms and is waiting till I start birth control so there's that. As much as I want him I know the right time will come and that he cares about being safe. We talked on the phone for almost an hour today and said he's coming camping with me for sure next week and asked about my parents and all that again. He's obviously a little nervous but I'm super duper happy he's coming. I really like this guy and don't want to mess it up and wasn't sure if he was that serious about me until he told me he's coming camping with me and meeting my family. Thoughts/advice? Thanks :)


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  • So far so good. He seems interested in you. And him meeting the family is a very big step. If you guy's do end up having sex just be careful because sometimes guy's disappear after having sex with a girl. He seems committed to you so far and I hope it lasts. But the distance thing could be an issue down the road. I hope it doesn't because you guys are doing good talking and communicating so far.


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  • He actually sounds serious about you. If he was not, I doubt he would be interested in meeting your family.