How to let go off, and forget, an inappropriate crush?

I'm in the extremely unhappy situation, that I've fallen in love with a guy who's taken!

I would never break up a couple, but can't avoid him as we share classes together.

So, please hit me with your best forget them tips!


Most Helpful Guy

  • First, tell yourself your not be with this guy and move on.

    Second do activities with your friends this will help forget him as your spending more time enjoying yourself than worrying about him

    Third, go to more parties-get or more you may find someone new!

    Good luck!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I try to force my feelings away.
    Rejecting them, and trying to push them away when I see the person.
    Also, I sometimes write down my troubles to get it out. Perhaps write down why I should not be in love with the person - not only because he has a girlfriend.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Try to avoid him as mich as possible if it means switching aroung your schedule you might have to do that :))

  • Remove everything that reminds him. try to have new hobbies aaaannndddd You are good.


What Girls Said 2

  • I feel your pain.
    You just gotta keep yourself busy, and focus on other guys in your life. Don't use anyone as a rebound, but try not to get so caught up in this other guy who's taken that you miss what's right in front of you.
    Good luck :)

  • As the previous answers have mentioned, try to forget him, try new activities and distract yourself. If you end up dreaming of him (and you remember) force yourself to erase that dream. What I have found helpful in the past is to read a book (a good one, with a good story line and all) before going to bed so that you'll end up dreaming of that instead of getting distracted thinking of him.