Rejected by a guy friend. How to handle it with grace?

This guy from my home country just moved to Canada 3 weeks ago to take his MBA. We were introduced by common friends and have gone out as a group a couple of times. I've been flirty to him and I told him don't hesitate to let me know if needs any help, I know what it feels like to move to a new country. He flat out said he will just update me when he and his other friends who have just moved have settled down as he has so many things going on right now. Note that i only offered my help to him and not to all of them who just moved. We still go out as a group and he goes out a lot so I really think he just doesn't want my help. How do I make it seem like me liking him is just his imagination?


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  • It's because your 33 years old.


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  • "How do I make it seem like me liking him is just his imagination"
    Don't do that because it will have the exact opposite effect. You will end up looking crazy.