Do you think not going to any dates define you as a person?

Like do you think it reveals something?


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  • No, I've rejected dates before because I was busy or just not interested


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  • No. You may be trying to move on. You may have a hard period of time in life. Or you may be broke and can't afford to date - because let's be honest, no one wants to date someone who's broke and dates cost money.

  • first... you go ON a date, not TO a date... lol

    second, it depends-is it by choice or because you can't attract anyone?
    but no single element defines you as a person... right?

    YOU define you, or you're fucking it all up ;)

    • Dates are stupid

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    • it can change your life drastically... even just one date.

      every journey starts with a single step.

      and why not you? of course you'd make some boys nervous. but you gotta believe it if you want anyone else to ;)

    • no. i really don't want to see anyone get nervous around me. it's ridiculous

  • You either don't want to date or have had bad experiences in the past.

  • It just shows you're having no luck with it or you are just not interested in doing what everyone else does

    • Is that a bad thing?

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    • Ok , was just trying to help

    • Didn't say you can't help either

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