Dating as a nondrinker?

I don't drink alcohol and I find it trickier to find dates perhaps as a result. People who drink the liquid courage are more relaxed and more inclined to talk to the opposite gender with less nervousness. To meet single people, it is traditional to hit up a bar, pub, or nightclub, but these are tough to do as a sober person. It's tough to be the only sober person at a social event.

So, do you have any advice on dating as a person who does not drink? Like where is a good place to meet people other than bars?


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  • Why do you not drink?

    Regardless of that, you can meet others at work, online, at the gym (recommend), and many other places. If you're having a hard time finding a sober chick you're not looking in the right places. I recommend the gym because fitness women tend to either be sober or only do light drinks like wine every once in a while.

    • I've just never been very interested in it. I feel like I don't need the effects it gives as I'm already super goofy and act dumb as is. Although, I definitely feel very sober around drunk people.
      Also, there's a lot of alcoholism in my family which is probably why I never really got into drinking too.

    • Not trying to convince you to change your mind or anything, but drink don't affect you the way you're thinking. It takes a lot for you to become belligerent. Unless you have a kidney problem, it's also a recommended part of a healthy diet and promotes heart health (Not in the amountsame most people drink it though).


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  • Cute cafes, bookshops, the park, outide of the gym. Go for day time dates or places which won't serve alcohol.
    Or if you're going out with your friends and someone offers to buy you a drink. Don't outright say you don't drink. Order a non alcoholic one. Like a mocktail. Or say your not in the mood to drink but to dance. Or just start asking him questions about himself, don't dwell on the drinking details.

  • I'm an non drinker myself so nightclubs, bars are not the best place to meet people like me


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