Should I date a Latino or a black guy?

Hello im just a white girl trying to decide who to keep from the 2.
I've never dated outside my race so i dont know what to expect. I have two guys trying to hook up with me..
1 Latino and another black dude..
Both are my friends & i like both equally I've known both for about a year now. but i can only choose 1.
Latino boy is cuter but he is sooo shy, while the black boy is more outgoing & seems to be more interested.. they are both tall & muscular and same age.
Latino boy being as cute as he is, is not a virgin but he's never had a girlfriend and i believe him which is a turn off because i dont like awkward situations..
While the black boy has dated much more and not girls as good looking as me which makes me feel better.
Culture wise i dont know what to expect either.. Like who would go better with white?
Latino boy seems to come from a more middle class family while the black boy is a bit lower but i dont really look at those things as long as they are well mannered & polite.
Although im not sure if my parents think the same way.
And that's another thing i must think about.
Can you lay any advice on me from experience?

Thanks for the help people, i think ill choose my latino baby. He's really cute !!
Any thoughts on how i should let my black friend know? :x
Hopefully he will still be my friend =-|


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  • Well too many white girls date black guys so I say you should date a Latino considering I am one. Also, your kids would be mostly white and look better with a Latino. Remember that a lot of our culture comes from Spain which is a European white country as well.


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  • it has nothing to do with race or color unless you are concerned about what color your kids are.

    Meet each socially with your girl friends, also find out which has better parents, and... then get feedbck from GF's on which one treats you better, will be more fun.

    like who has a job? Who is more mature?

  • race should have no bearing on this decision. it should be about who you like most, get along most, share common interests and see as the best potential long term partner based on who they are... no their race

  • Either is fine. I'm black and I like white girls, and Latinas. Though white girls and black guys is always a pretty nice classic, and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm black.

    • Since you asked for it..

      Prison population
      1) blacks
      Highest crime by race
      1) blacks
      Lowest income/unemployment
      1) blacks
      Lowest iQ in the WORLD
      1) blacks
      Welfare abuse
      1) blacks
      Sinngle parents
      1) blacks
      AND MORE lol

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    • @MeganKiLLs Are generally talking about Black Americans or Caribbean blacks?

    • @MeganKiLLs So your best friends are black and you feel that most black people are worthless? New logic to me, lol.

  • Go with the Latino guy if he is shy hi is going to respect you more and usually shy people it's really not shy when you get a real relationship

  • why not both? or listen to your heart

  • If you are the hooking up quality of girl, why not both?

  • no. . . .

  • What does your gut tell you?


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  • Definitely latino <3

    They just blend in with white better & have a much better reputation in general.
    They look a lot better, better income in the future and the babies would look a lot BETTER

    • I'm black and I love Latinas myself. Not sure about Latinos having a better reputation though, since many of them commit sexual assault and live the gang life and are violent, and abusive to their women.

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    • @ManOnFire
      I think Latinos definitely do much better than blacks in general, its obvious..

    • @Megan9969 Whether or not that's what you think or is really the case, there are still quite a few Latinas and white females who like us and date us for their reasons.

  • latino :D

  • <3 <3 <3 LATINO <3 <3 <3

  • You might as well go black

  • Uh race doesn't mean anything it's the people themselves

  • I agree with @megankills latinos look better and they definitely take care of their families. Latino men have a good work ethic. Im half black and white and I would not marry a black guy, they are not stable