Should I ask him out?

Its my ex. When we broke up we never exactly stopped talking to each other as it wasn't a bad breakup. We almost got back together in July but he told me that he didn't see a future with me after not knowing what he wanted. Which is fine, he's my best friend and has never treated me badly. He has depression and keeps saying he doesn't deserve me. Up until him I've always cut my exes out of my life immediately and never talked to them again. I almost did that to him three weeks ago due to too much stress. I told him I wanted space and didn't talk to him for a week. We talked about it after and he said how hard that was on him and that his friends kept asking what was wrong. Ever since then we've hung out a lot more and cuddle all the time. He is a lot more attentive and basically treats me like his girlfriend/it feels like we're dating. Is it worth trying to ask him out or no. I'm really bad at this stuff.


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  • It won't last. You're wasting your time


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  • No, I don't think you should. But you will anyway...