Boyfriend left for college? so scared?

my boyfriend left for school 2 hours away three days ago. I know it's only been three days but I miss him so much already and I'm so scared that he doesn't miss me. the night before he left he texted me saying "goodnight beautiful I'm gonna miss you so much you make my days so much better" with lots of heart emojis. and he usually always texts me once throughout the day saying hey beautiful! how is your day going. but it's just been different lately. when he left Sunday morning, I was with him and he hugged me and said "I miss you already. I'm gonna call all the time" but he still hasn't called me yet. and his goodnight texts have turned into just "goodnight" with a heart. and one night he even forgot to text me goodnight but texted me in the morning saying good morning with hearts. I'm just so worried he's gonna forget me when he's gone. he's texted me once asking how my day was going but it was just so different cause there were no exclamation points and he didn't call me beautiful and he just seems different. he hasn't texted me once yet today and I just miss him. I know he's back at school but classes haven't even started yet. all he has is cross country pre season and some prep work. please help. am I analyzing it too much? what do I do?


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  • Make plans to visit him on a somewhat regular basis. You could always ring him yourself.
    Just note it's only been a couple days. No biggie.


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  • He's busy. Give him some space. Moving is a big thing. Last thing you need is your phone going nuts.