How can I get him to ask me out? My ex just moved in with him and my other ex used to be his roommate?

[I'm 20]
I met this guy who wanted to go rock climbing with me [my ex's friend], so I texted him and we went. He seems really interested in me in person, but kind of disinterested when texting me back :/ When I was talking to one of his friends in the hallway, he seemed to keep looking back at me as he was on his way to class. The second time we went climbing was so much fun--we were on our way to a grocery store to pick up some ice cream and found a bunch of shaved ice so we built little snow men and put ice down each other's shirts and threw it at each other hahah he bought the ice cream for me and we shared it. When we drove back, it seemed like he wanted to hug me when he leaned towards me while I was getting my stuff, and I noticed it so I gave him a hug. This kind of seemed/sounded like a date? But I'm not sure and I think I'm just going to wait and see if he does ask me out because I do want this to go somewhere and I gave him plenty of hints that I like him--I was in the gym one time and he happened to come by so we worked out together, and I touched his arm/hand as I left to get water. I think I've shown I'm clearly interested. Should I just wait? I don't want to come on too strong. Here's the thing: My recent ex just moved in with him and now they're housemates, and my other ex used to be his roommate. Things just got pretty complicated... do you think he'll make a move ever? I didn't date my exs for very long--one was controlling and would go through my phone, the other didn't take his classes seriously at all :/


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  • That could be really awkward for all involved


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  • I doubt he will make a move out of respect for his friends. That's definitely going to be awkward.