Does it sound like he likes me? And if a guy starts pulling away is this the solution to get him to approach me again?

So I thought me & this guy were hitting it off. He tried to sleep with me the first day we started hanging out & got shut down. He knows what I've been through & before we started talkin more he would tell me I'm a strong amazing woman. He still does, & he calls me super mom & tells me what he likes about me inside & out. He wanted to do a bunch of stuff with me. I took most of this as a ploy to get in my pants. He was supposed to be my date to my friends wedding that his best friend is also in & he wants him to go with me. But on Monday we spent all day together & we started the day off with sex the first time? It was my idea I figured might as well get it over with & see where this goes afterwards & if he bails he bails. & then we hung out with a couple mutual friends, he worked on my car, we went on a picnic. We had a lot of fun with eachother opening up, joking around horse playing he told me he still wanted to do stuff with me he laughed at my dumb jokes & joined in. We messed around again he held my hand in the car on the way home. He texted me the next morning at 6 am telling me about the rest of his night & went off to work. He's a bad texter I always known that. He lives in the same building where he works & is on call. Well I haven't heard from him in 24 hours. He said he would text me today & never did I sent him one text that he hasn't responded to but has been online. My gut instinct is telling me it could go either way & my friend says he's a nice good looking man he knew you were attracted to him & when you made him work for it he respected you more & saw a beautiful woman who made him smile with his clothes on, give him space he needs time to get his hands dirty & clear his head to figure you out. I dont know if this is true, but I'm not texting him again & I'm avoiding going on Facebook. I want to know if I show I'm unfazed by his lack of communication & remain busy as possible he will start to wonder what's going on with me & come running back?


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  • It's only been 24 hours... from everything else you said, it sounds like he's actually interested in you. Holding your hand, especially.

    Wait longer, keep yourself busy.


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  • I think he likes you and you're being very impatient.