Why are the possible reasons I could be attracting these sort of men?

I was thinking about my dating life and a lot of them involve 'incidents' with guys who display this sort of behaviour: They seem to like the chase, they look at me a lot, try to get my attention either by appearing around me a lot or trying to do something/make some kind of noise etc. And I'd have never really noticed them if they did not do the above (I'm quite unobservant). They do this for a very long time, but then... nothing happens. They don't ask me out, try to get to know me nor do they try to approach me.

It's kind of upsetting to think about. Even my first serious boyfriend, I had to initiate and engineer a lot of things at the beginning in order for us to get together.

These guys all come from different age groups and are of different nationalities. I don't think there is something seriously wrong with me... so, not sure what's up.


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  • I am pretty sure there are other guys who notice you as well but the ones who are loud are usually can usually draw your attention easier.

    • Hmm you've got a point. It's true. The loud and "extra" ones are the ones that seem to put in the most effort into getting themselves noticed, lol.

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  • Your unobservant nature makes them feel you're not interested. I liked a girl who was absent-minded as well. I thought she doesn't like me that way. Months later right before the class is ending and we won't be seeing each other again, she tells me she likes me :/ I was like WTF? -.-

    • Hmm. But when I do notice them, and do start conversations etc. They don't take the bait and do something more but instead just keep doing the ok let's keep hanging around/staring/appearing near her still. It just makes me feel like they are either super immature (yet some of these guys are in their late 20s/30s) or aren't really interested and just toying with my feelings. Why can't they just strike up an innocuous conversation? So much better than all that weird staring! Did you approach the girl in an obvious way?

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    • Try and meet new people. If you meet about a 100 guys, at least 1 one them should be confident enough to make a move :p

      Ikr? That's why I literally said "WTF" when she told me she likes me :p

    • Yeah I'm trying to. Though I'm quite selective about my after work activities and the people I hang with.

  • its possible that all those guys were very shy

    • That's a good possibility!

  • What do you mean make some kind of noise?

    • make a commotion, talking loudly etc.

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    • Well men do tend to put on an act and do whatever it takes to win the girl, whether it's completely changing their personality or lying to her.

    • Yeah. But I rather wish they did more obvious things like I dont know, maybe strike up a conversation? At least there's a possibility of getting to know each other from there. How is staring at someone gonna get one anywhere lol.

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