Is it messed up of me to want a damaged girl?

I mean, I guess it's the same as the girls who want to change the assholes into a good guys. I want to take a damaged girl with a messed up past and habits, and build her up. "Fix" her.

  • That's fucked up of you.
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  • I kinda think about that myself.
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  • I can see your point of view.
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  • It's not messed up, but it sucks being that person because most people don't want to fix themselves.


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  • You should want her for WHO she is and not WHAT she's been through. Yeah she may have gone through some shit but newsflash EVERYONE has on a certain level. But whatever its your choice do whatever you want.

    • That's so fucking stupid. You're always a product of what your environment is. You become who you are BECAUSE of what you went through. Dumbass.

    • @asker - but YOU have the power to change yourself. I got my dumbass outta the hood, got my own dumbass car, my dumbass has dated quite a lot of great looking girls some that were damaged but it wasn't because that's what I was looking for. I'm currently interested in a girl who has had more pain for the both of us. She also changed her surrounding. We are all either stronger from the experience for weaker because we cannot cope from the experience. Who YOU are isn't always a constant unless you WANT it to be. I used the hood as positive to get me outta there and start doing some good. I've slipped on the way and got back up. I've not forgotten where I've come from & where I've come IS NOT who I am, not anymore.

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  • I kinda think about that myself.