Trying to date a friend. Seemed to go well, but then got rejected?

A while back, I expressed my feelings for a female friend and she did not reject me. I recently got closer with her and hung out a quite few times in the past two weeks, with great conversations and just a great time in general.

After my last dinner "hangout", we walked together with my hand wrapped around her waist the whole time and had a great conversation as well. Then I asked whether I could hold her hand. She stuttered a bit before telling me we should stay friends for now as she is not looking for a relationship right now, citing her history (about 4 months ago, she got out of a few relationships on and off). She told me to date other girls and try to look for someone better.

I realize this likely means that she doesn't like me the same way. But would there be any other (less unhappy) "explanation" to my situation? Any advice as to how I could better approach this girl I'm quite serious about?


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  • Don´t think too much. If she said "date other girls" it is because she doesn´t like you. Maybe she is not ready now.


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  • I've experienced something similar. What I think is that your "hangouts" are only opportunities for the two of you to see if there's any chemistry. Very likely you've done something that turned her off (Asking a girl if you could hold her hand is already a bad sign to me). You should stop putting her on a pedestal, go date other girls and look for someone better. Listen to her.

  • wow rejected? @F_M