Is he cheating?

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and things have been going that well. He has been very distant and always "busy". When we are on Skype he is always on his phone or he goes right to sleep. When i tell him something is wrong he just says "I'm sorry". He used to talk all the time and was always there for me. He also has a "secret" facebook that im blocked on and he has an ex as a friend on there. Im concerned he may be cheating, when i found out about it and asked him he got mad. Is he cheating?


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What Girls Said 1

  • He could well be cheating the same kind of thing happened to me, your best bet is too just confront him wether he gets angry or not, and then if you find out he isn't then just apologise and just say you had a few worried I know you've probably tried it before but if I was you I'd just keep trying till eventually he cracks and opens up to you.


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  • Long distance relationships mostly don't last and one reason could be what you have mentioned in your post. Yes, I can definitely understand your concerns and his behavior can certainly be seen as a suspicious one. There is a chance he could be cheating , yes.