If you are/were interested in dating someone and they blew you off/rarely talk - should you erase their number & unfriend/unfollow on FB/Instagram?

I'm just debating what's best for me...

There's a few girls that I went on dates with and/or tried to date that don't ever start a conversation with me or give me very short/no responses when I try to start convos...

anyway even though I'm interested I feel like they are not, and maybe it would be in my best interest in just deleting them from my life completely because in my experience - if someone makes you wait. You'll wait forever for something that won't be.

Or maybe I'm just frustrated.

  • Can't you just let it go, maybe they'll come around... Maybe they'll become interested?
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  • Erase them, people do this type of frivolous shit all the time. If you're not worth their effort now you'll never be in their eyes
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  • patience is a virtue... Did they do anything that deserves that? Are you talking to them? Maybe don't take it so personal.
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  • You're just frustrated
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  • I have had two such cases with girls that suddenly lost interest after dating and a while of talking - I deleted them. I thought waiting around would have been seen as weak and needy.

    • 3mo

      Exactly, like my time doesn't have value?

      How long did you wait?

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    • 3mo

      Hmm... Maybe the course of action I should take with some of them

    • 3mo

      Whatever you do, remember to have dignity - if they can't be bothered to ever start or carry a conversation with you, then why should you, dude?

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  • I am usually just patient and they normally start talking as things progress.

  • You're just frustrated