She says things feel "weird" what does that mean?

My girlfriend of 3 months says things haven't felt right lately and before that she always told me how happy I make her and that I was the one she wanted to end up with, her brother was only 18 when he was shot and killed and that's when I met her and I was there for her, and now I'm thinking maybe she just needed someone to comfort her and I'm worried maybe she doesn't need me anymore, I always surprise her with flowers and take her to new places, and we've never fought, and I don't know why she's feeling weird, she just started up work again as a teacher and we only see eachother a couple times if that a week now so I don't know if maybe that's it, but she keeps asking me if I'm sure that she's the one cuz things don't feel right when we're together lately, any suggestions of what I should do?


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  • Time to move on


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  • Ask her why...
    If she can't give you a real answer you might have to leave her

    And ask her what she wants. Tell her what you want from a this relationship, and if she doesn't want the same things you have to leave her