Should I tell her exactly what I think?

Me and my best friend moved in together 12hrs away from our home town and when we first met 2 years ago we hooked up. Lots of stuff has happened and we were each others grad dates and we are pretty much attached at the hip now. We share a room, bed, car, money, phone account. Tuesday I told her I think I want to be more and explained that we pretty much are dating just without the intimate stuff and then she said she is scared because she doesn't want to lose me and that if we do start we will either get married or break up and never talk but I promised her I'd never lose her. I told her we wouldn't have to tell anyone for a bit and could take it slow so just in case it doesn't work we could go back to how we are now and she said no she's want to be able to tell everyone. So I gave her a day to think and then I asked her what she thought the night after and she said she is really scared and might be too scared. So I said that's okay but I told her she'd never regret trying us. And we sat in the car for 5 minutes in silence until she turned in her seat and asked if I could kiss her, so I did and that last a minute or two. Afterwards I said that it felt right when we kissed and completely comfortable and she said yes it did but because it did it scared her and then she cried a ton and I held her. We then drove home and now here we are, two days later. I want to be straight forward Nd say what are we waiting for when I pick her up tonight from work... With help of wine


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  • Please, do not complicate things. Odds are that you're going to break up and never talk again. That's how it usually happens.


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  • What is it exactly that you think? It seems to me like she has a problem with commitment.