If a woman knows a guy likes here but is too shy why doesn't she just approach?

I see this all the time on here some female will say she likes a certain guy or knows
said guy likes her but he's to shy to approach her but most of the time its the girl that's
not shy so why doesn't she just approach? And please don't say its the man's job cause
its sexist and we're in 2016.


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  • I've done it before more than once. I'm about as clueless as men are with "hint" dropping.
    They also said that they weren't interested. So now I'm going to ask men who make their intentions and interest more explicit. I don't have time to decipher shy men's signals.


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  • If he can't approach me to at least try, a relationship is not going to happen anyway. If he wants me that bad, he'll put in some effort.

    • OK enough of this If he didn't try crap its just an excuse women use cause they believe their feelings mean more then the guys. And before you tell me I've never approached or talked to someone I have but things never worked out so I gave up.

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    • Alright then. Just stay the same and keep blaming someone else for all of your problems. I'm sure that's going to improve things in your life a lot better over the next few years. But honestly I hope you find a positive way to let go of all that hatred and anger in your heart and become a better person. Good luck dude.

    • Maybe if you actually took what 10 seconds and looked at my profile you'll see my point and how ugly I am.

  • To be honest a lot of girls are afraid of rejection ( me included) Nobody wants to be in a vulnerable Position

    • News flash guys hate rejection too. And what a double standard thing to say.

    • With nobody I meant guys and girls. Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough.

  • Maybe she is frustrated by his shyness and wants him to confirm his interest before she makes herself vulnerable.

  • Women r stubborn, afraid of rejection, don't wanna look desperate, some r old school...


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  • Because when push comes to shove, they are too afraid.

  • Too stubborn