Should I continue to play games, be aloof but friendly, or just be honest?

Alright so the situation is I'm into my bestfriends (girl) Bestfriend. We started flirting and talking in social situations and then one night she slept on my lap and asking me to play with her hair. We started talking and hanging out and went to a show with a mutual friend. That night she stayed in my bed and was in her underwear, we cuddled but nothing else. We started constantly texting all day and night to the point I told her she needed to stop to finish her studying. The following week she texted me while drunk asking me to come out with her. We meet her bestfriend (guy) and they start arguing because he tried dating her but lied about the girls he was with etc. childish shit. I stand by and let her finish before we head back and stay at my place. A week later I throw a party, she brings her sister and we make out before we all get in the hottub and things get heated up. I contest to her advances because she's blackout and hasn't had sex in 9 months. I did this because I always disrespect girls after sex and I didn't want to hurt her and build a fake ass relationship with games as it ruined my last girlfriends self esteem. I call a mutual friend to go out the next day, and the girl I like picks up drunk, gives me an address and hangs up. I drive that way but they already uber ex out so then I go to the bar, which I wait at for 30 minutes while they keep changing bars. We get into an argument over the phone about it and she ignores me all night and is all over her guy friends on purpose. Finally I pull her over tell her it's obvious I'm into her but I'm leaving because I'm not trying to stand around and get disrespected, but that I respect her honesty and openness about dating other guys. I gave her space and now we're both hot and cold, she gets mad when I don't reply and we start again before one of us stops. It feels like we're both scared, but should I keep playing games to win her over? by the way her ex cheated on her and there's some self esteem issues.


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  • Honestly, of there is that much drama right now... it'll probably only get worse once ur together. Just b careful!


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  • Leave her dude. It ain't worth it. Sorry