Has he lost interest? Or is he waiting for me to contact him?

Honestly, I have been out of the dating game since I was 16 and I have no idea how to handle this situation. I've gone on dates, but nothing that has progressed to this level. We've been seeing each other frequently for the last month or so. He's initiated every date and every text conversation. He's an extremely busy person. He has his own company and right now it is booming. While I on the other hand have a ton of free time, so I figured it was easier for him to let me know when he was free. I also discussed this in person with him, letting him know if I'm not initiating contact it's not because I'm not interested. He seemed to get it. We had a lot of great dates, and a week or so ago, slept together. I've seen him twice since, the last time he told me he liked me and asked me to spend the night for the first time. I left in the morning to go to work and haven't heard anything from him since. I really don't want to be bother by texting him if he's busy. It's unlike him to go this long with communicating with me. I'm worried maybe I gave 'it' up to early. The age difference also worries me.


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  • best way to find out whats going on is send him a text and just ask him how its going and once he replies tell him your concerns and if he is into like u think he is then he will tell u why he backed off


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  • I am sorry, but I don't think he is seriously interested in you, otherwise he would have contacted you already.

    • you're probably right, thanks.