We had sex, what do I do now?

I met this guy at work while I was dating my ex boyfriend. When he dumped me ( I felt miserable) , he started talking to me and cheering me up. We started hanging out, watching movies together, going on walks, and I would always end up sleeping at his house. He has met my grandma and he is not afraid of talking to her about him making me dinner. Last week, we had sex. He told me he could not do it without expecting more afterwards. I think we did it too soon and we haven't really seen each other since then (except 5 minutes at work ) and he has lost his phone ( he is the king of guy who rarely uses facebook either) , so the only way for me to contact him is to do it at work.
I don't even know what to expect from it. Should I ask him out? I don't want to appear needy.

Apparently, it meant something for him, so I'm pretty optimistic, let's see how it turns out. Thank you guys for your advices ! :)


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  • You can worry about "appearing to be needy" when you've asked him 35 times. Go ahead, ask him out.


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  • Might aswell since even he said he'D expect more


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  • Well if you were spending time together beforehand, I don't know why having sex would change anything unless that's all he ever wanted. Ask him out and see what his reaction is... That's not needy. If he's enthusiastic about going out, all good... If he's not, move on and don't ask him again because that would be needy and it would also mean he's dick for using you if that was the case.

    • That's what I'm scared of, if he used me well I would not take it in a good way but I could not be mad at him since we didn't talk about it before doing it, so I would only have myself to blame.
      I'm seeing him tonight with other friends anyway, let's see what happens #fingerscrossed

    • Yeah, hope it works out

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  • Have more sex

  • i think you just wanted sex, to help make yourself feel better, and all the attention too. I don't think he's what you want. He's what you call, rebound

    • No, actually I like him and casual sex isn't my thing. I just think I should have waited a little more and I don't want to mess things up.

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    • good luck not trying to be unpleasant !

    • I'm telling you the truth, not trying to be an ass. just telling you what you need to hear

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  • Forget about him. If he's interested then he'll get to you. and try to Set your standards