Should I continue to make the first moves?

So a few months ago, I texted this guy (friend of a friend) because I happened to need to ask him about a certain thing in his line of study. Because the texts became so dull, I stopped trying to make it into a conversation and just ended it when I got what I needed. After that I happened to get close to a lot of new friends whom he was friends with as well and they posted a lot of pictures with me on their social media pages. A few days ago, he asked one of my friends about me and mentioned that he's seen me hanging out with a lot of his friends. He also asked whether I go this uni as well (same uni as him) and if I'm also graduating on the same day as him. So my friend answered yes yes and yes. and then a few days later when they met up again, he asked about exactly the same things. Could he be just trying to find topics to talk about with her? And then not long after that, I finally got the chance to meet and actually talk to him as well for a little bit. But since we both graduated and won't be able to "coincidentally" meet on campus, should I still try texting him again now that he knows me? Will the texts be any better? Or should I just accept things the way they are and find someone else?

PS: my friends say he's a bit clueless when it comes to girls and relationships so he most likely won't make the first move even if he wanted to.


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  • It sounds like you should definitely make the first moves.


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  • Stop beating around the bush and offer him some pussy.


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