I know I should probably ask him myself, but does it sound like he thinks we're in a relationship?

I've been dating a guy at work for about a month. Yesterday he was saying people might get suspicious of us because there will be obvious signs. Then he went on to say that he doesn't know if I want people to know about us right now or at all. I told him that I didn't like people interfering with my love life and since he's that person in my life and we work together I'd rather they didn't know a thing.

Later on he joked and said I could call him my man. I honestly thought we were just at the early stages of dating. I mean it's clear to see we are both only dating each other, like each other a lot and have a view of a relationship. Does it sound like he does think this?


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  • This has bad idea written all over it.. Coworkers will find out, the "relationship" will most likely not work out, and then you're stuck working with an ex. I believe the saying is Don't shit where you eat. Just my opinion.


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  • No, on contrary. He wants to hide your relationship and that is a red alarm.

    • Where does it say that he wants to hide the relationship!