Do you think blocking someone on facebook makes you look weak?

I blocked my ex, im a guy. She cheated on me multiple times, treated me like shit, and completely shattered what love i had left inside of me. So i blocked her. I want nothing to do with her. But she did not. Does that mean im the weak one? she's already moved on, new boyfriend, ready to go, no fucks given.


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  • Why do you care what she thinks of you? She cheated and moved on from you like you were nothing. She doesn't deserve your attention. Maybe some people will think it makes you weak, and in some cases, blocking is weakness. But I don't think it is so in this case. You put a wall that says "Go away bitch, I'm done with you and you're cut off". This has been received one of two ways: she's either thinking "Oh dammnit I can't talk to my toy and use him anymore!" or she hasn't even noticed, and now you're free of any desperate updates she might post in attempt to make you feel bad by rubbing someone else in your face, or any attempts to make you take her back when this other guys throws her away after he is done using her, or when he realizes what a user she is. You did nothing wrong here, and she only did this to you because she's got something broken inside her self.

    • The guy she cheated on me with is living with her and i think she drives his car. They've been together for a year so apparently he's got something that she wants to keep. lol feels great.

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  • Blocking someone on Gag makes you look weak because it's a closer community. On facebook only the blocked person will know.


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  • I think my ex that broke up with me while deployed and blocked me was weak. But that may be a bit different.

  • Nah.. Just getting rid of trash lol


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