Attracting girls with bfs, anyone with similiar problem?

Guys stare at me often and check me out, some admitted they find me really good looking and attractive and its nice, but i have a problem and iam not sure why or how i got here but the thing is...

i attract girls who have bfs, most of the girls that look at me end up being taken, i mean like really look, s check me out, stare deep into my eyes waiting for me to make a move (its not hard to notice the signs i've done it before).

i just dont get it, why do i attract such girls, its annoying to find a girl attractive and she gives you lots of signs that she's interested then you find out she has a boyfriend, they all have few things in common, very attractive, not the kind that sleeps around and probably haven't had many bfs if any...

i understand that everyone looks, but its beyond looking and finding someone attractive these girls can't keep their eyes off and try to stare at me but they have a bfs of few years, like okay take a look or two but why do you want more?


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  • How are you so certain that they are attracted to you? Maybe you're misinterpreting things.

    • not hard to gelits not hard to tell, when several girls tell you you're really good looking and comment on your facebook posts and then yiu seee girls everywhere chexking you out, staring and doing some flirty moves. guys cs can tell its not that hard girls try to be discreet anout it it their eyes expose them i know since I've approached girls behav

    • gorls before who had the same behaviour and looks and i was right

    • auto correct is a btxh though

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  • Yup i know that feeling, i has been an accessory of cheating several times & it's not fun

  • You shouldn't attract a girl with a boyfriend.