My best friends hate my boyfriend, what do I do?

I recently started dating this guy who is extremely kind, handsome, and everything I could ask for. The thing is, a few years ago one of my friends had a crush on him. He was pretty rude to her when she told him, and began to make fun of her. But then again, they were twelve. My friends still hate him because of it, but he's changed since then. They don't exactly know yet, because I'm scared to tell them (they used to go on long rants about how much they hated him) due to the fact that I'm fearful they'll hate me afterwards. As I've said, he's very sweet and interesting and is different from when we were in seventh grade. Please help!

P. S. My friend told me personally that if we started dating she would try and persuade me to stop...


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he has done nothing hurtful toward you they should be happy for you. Boys are stupid when they're twelve. Especially towards girls.


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell them to mind their own business. They have no right to persuade you to stop being with someone. It's your own decision and they should respect it.