What does "I don't know how to respond" mean?

So he was going after me and another girl, and then we both liked him back. So when I found out he was confused, and said he didn't think it was going to work since the other girl was closer (I live an hour away from him), I decided to give him a little speil...
I basically told him how relationships aren't based off of picking based on "ease" but how much you like the person, and that effort is required, it's not just the benefits, but going through the good and the bad. It was a pretty thorough venting, although not angry or accusing... just stating my mind. I made it clear I wasn't trying to change his mind, I just needed to state my mindset.
After, he said "I don't know how to respond", I told him "Never said you have to", to which he typed, but never sent another message.
So, out of curiousity, what do you think he meant?


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  • I did this when I was in 6th grade. I am an 8th grader now. I f*cked up and went after two girls at the same time. They both ended up liking me and I didn't know what to do cause I never thought I would get a girl to like me. I ended up losing both of them because they found out from each other. I couldn't decide who to choose and my exfriend started spreading a rumor that I was already dating one of the girls. So that messed it up for me as well.

    Moral of the story: Tell him to choose between her and you and not to think of the distance between you two cause if he really liked you he wouldn't care about that.

    • Thanks! And yes, I told him to choose... and he did choose me, although he's still nervous about how to make it work... we will.

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  • Could be anything really. He was already torn between you two. Nothing should surprise me now

    • No... I'm pretty certain he chose her since she was "easier"- in other words, closer. He says he didn't want to drive an hour just to see me (one way) or drive in the dark.

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    • He did decide on me, he wouldn't tell me why, but he has explained he's going to give this a shot, and give it all he's got, even though he's still nervous about making time... he wants to.

    • Well, congratulations, I guess

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  • Just that he can't really say anything to what you told him

  • It means exactly that