Girls, Are we just friends or more than that?

So we started to know each other through work even though we study in the same school and in the same class. She started saying hi to me during work which actually brought us closer and now we are teasing each other. I would call her nicknames like pig and she will can me an idiot. Today, is the first time i texted her to ask her about work and she seems very happy. She would reply me very quick and the message was the same length as i text her or maybe more. Just now she texted me about some ill manner customer and while she was saying halfway she said "HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING" because i didn't reply and actually i was just waiting for her to say about that ill manner customer. and then at the end of conversation i replied "Have an early rest." and she replied "haha okay! u too." I know there's not much information but that's what i have. We just started talking last month which about a month ago so there's not much stuffs and we only have the same classes on 1 day. How do you see if a girl really like you through text? Like what are the most obvious signs or probably might be a sign that she likes me through text?


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  • Just friends