There is some guy I kinda like but might have a mental problem. What do I do?

So there is a boy that like and I am 13 and he is 13 but he failed a grade and is in seventh grade when I am in 8th and is takeing some sixth grade classes because I geuss he need more help... But he is a really good person and is really cute what should I do... Ps I don't know why it says I am 18 to 24


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  • That's not a mental problem. That's an education problem. The education system is utterly fucked. Basically it has devolved to the point where you intake information and regurgitate it- sometimes literally, due to the stress testing puts on the body.

    He might be the smartest guy besides that. School doesn't care about that sort of thing. School cares about preparing you for end of year tests so big testing companies can make lots and lots of money

    • Short answer, don't eliminate him because of that. He might be intelligent in his own way. Grades mean jack shit outside of school

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  • Its not mental he just needs more help with his education he's probably just a slow learner