Date confirmation?

So a few weeks ago I met this really awesome guy! Then last weekend we went on our first date, he texted me after the date saying he had a great time and told me how good I looke, etc. Anyways so i reply saying I had a great time too and would love to get together again sometime. He reply back really enthusiastically saying "Awesome!! Let's make plans for this weekend or the next." Well last weekend he ended up helping out his mom so it didn't work out, so then I said I have Saturday off next weekend, and he said "let's make plans to get together then :)" So we decided on a day and place but never on a time. We were texting yesterday and I kept waiting to see if he would mention a time he wanted to meet up this Saturday but so far he hasn't mentioned it yet. Should I wait till Friday and text him to confirm or what? And I'm pretty sure he likes me, I talked about some place I went this weekend and he said next time he'll have to go with me.


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  • Dont ask now. You might seem too eager. Wait until Thursday.


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  • You should wait till Thursday or Friday to text him in order to confirm your plans.