How would you feel if you were in his position? What is this? A play?

I'm moving in October. Way back when I found out I had to move, back in June, he started to ask me questions. He would ask me when I'm moving. The first time he asked me i didn't have a answer of a specific date for him so he just walked away and kept a distance from me for a few weeks. Then he came to ask me again, by this time i only knew the month of the move, so i told him October. He seemed relived and started smiling. He was like "oh that's still a long way to go, thats good." Then we continued to talk. But now that we're only a month away he's getting distance again. Not talking to me, avoiding me, not showing up as often anymore. I don't get it, was this some sort of play? That was it? By the way im sure he likes me, I've known it since the first day he tried to talk to me. How would you feel if you were in his position?


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  • Desperate, depressed, angry... take your pick.

    The target of your infatuation is leaving. Becoming out of reach.
    It wouldn't feel good.


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  • I think it was