Gym crush. Does he like me?

Met this guy at the gym 5 weeks ago we always ended up going around the same time. initiated a convo with him about school and he seemed super friendly, smiley and nice.
second time around I ran into him outside of the gym and I asked him about school, Third time I slammed into an elliptical by accident and he initiated, smiled and said "looks like that hurt"
Today I wanted to give him an opportunity to come up to me so when he arrived I shot a big smile at him, he gave me a super awkward smile back, went 4 machines to my left and put in both his headphones... clearly didn't want to talk. I had my headphones out. A couple minutes after I noticed he took out his earbud closest to me but by then I felt kinda rejected so I left the gym since I was finished anyways.
A lot of the time I catch him looking at me when I'm "not looking" and he seemed super friendly and nice minus today. kinda stumped as to why he's not approaching me, I've been approached by a lot of other guys maybe he's just not into me, has a girlfriend or is just super shy? Not sure but the awkward smile made me feel uncomfortable :S


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  • Ya he probably does. Go for it!


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  • Just ask him if he wants to hang out sometime.

    Never know, maybe he's just shy

  • Maybe he's not interested, it seems like he's flattered but doesn't share those feelings and just doesn't know you well enough