Should I try again or forget him?

I got into a horrible fight with my boyfriend and he's been ignoring me for a week. I tries calling him I then blew up his phone begging him to say something anything. still nothing. It been a little over a week should I try again or wait?


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  • Forget him. If he can't be civil after and during a fight then he's not a man he's a coward


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  • How long have you been dating?

    Do you love him?

    I don't like it when people just say "forget" about someone. If it was that simple, you would have done it already.

    • Almost a year. I do love him a lot. This was our first fight and I mean it says a lot about the type of person he is if he at his age (9) years older can act like this. It's the fact he has said nothing at all. I begged for him to say something even if it was over or that he needs space but I can't forget him I literally see his name everyday throughout the day, I dream about him , everything reminds me of him. I'm just dumbfounded. He told me he loves me , wants to have a baby with me down the road n has never felt this way about anyone before and then he does this. It's just hard I don't know how he can do this. Obviously we are very different people.

    • 3mo

      Has anything happened since this post?

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  • Yeah I would suggest forget him, and go out with your friends.

  • He's acting like a little bitch. Leave him alone, when he ready to talk he would contact you


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