I don't attract/meet/get approached by guys when I'm with my best friend and her boyfriend?

I go out to bars and parties every weekend. *Please don't tell me that's not a good place to meet guys, that's not the advice I'm looking for.

I've noticed I only meet guys and get approached by them if I'm only with one or two other girlfriends. Here's the problem though: I never, ever get approached when I am with my best friend because her boyfriend is always there, and that's who I am oftentimes with. I don't mind her boyfriend being there because he is a great guy, and sometimes he is not even talking to us but standing close to us and talking to friends, and I obviously want to be with my best friend. But I also would like a guy of my own. When she was single and we went out just the two of us we got approached every weekend!

How do I still meet guys without ditching my best friend? I'm not the bold type so I'd never just walk up to a hot guy and introduce myself (so trust me, I understand why guys don't come over when they see another guy standing right near me).


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  • Guys usually approach when you're alone. You gotta be by yourself and approachable at the same time.

    • Why would I be alone at a party or bar though lol

    • You can bring your friends but I'm saying if there's a moment where you're not with them it's easier to approach. Most men are never gonna hit on a girl if she's with her friends.

    • And when I say with your friends I mean if they're actually near you talking to you.


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  • Why dont you talk to her and her boyfriend so that you two can stay a little farther, just enough so you'll get approached and he'll be able to keep an eye on your friend. I guess they wouldn't mind doing that every now and then during parties.


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  • Tell your friend to hang out more just the two of you. Or start hanging out more with the other girls. I doubt your best friend will mind.