Girls, where can I openly complain and vent about what its like to try dating modern women and getting consistent sex and not one night stands today?


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  • improve yourself, mate... "openly complain" - that's exactly why you'll never get any better. and "getting consistent sex"... i see what you need a woman for and i see why no one would want you.

  • Explain to me why is it so difficult? All you gotta do is ask?

    • Im 30 years old and never had a girlfriend. I get severely depressed and hopeless a lot of about this. I have trouble making friends and keeping girls around. I've gone to 4 weddings and several concerts alone. I desperately want to improve my dating life and have moved around and spent a lot of money on dating coaches' advice and im still single.

    • Also, i have trouble walking in people's shoes and relating to others, emphasizing with people doesn't come naturally to me. Maybe i have a disability, maybe im undatable. Whatever the reason, nothing in my dating life improves and i do the same things all the time. Its probably my looks and lack of experience that freaks women out. Im 6'3", weigh 204 lbs and working on getting down to 195 lbs, and bald. I wish i was more attractive and didn't have these issues. I've also spent a lot of money on dating advice and counseling and still single. And to top it off, the competition out there is unbearable and most women are mean. I dont believe im capable of getting a girlfriend or sex anytime soon. As time goes on, my anger towards women increases due to being left out of the dating world. I need some help otherwise im not gonna last much longer.