Can someone help me please?

I've fallen for my female friend she found out never brought up the topic to me and for a month now instead of accepting the fact that i've pretty much been rejected by the girl have feelings for i keep looking for signs when we are together it feels like we're in a relationship she always helps my family do favors she goes to stores with me to get stuff for my grandmother and aunt tonight we were treated poorly at a store so she called the corporate offices and was on the phone with them for an hour trying figure the situation out we went to dinner had a wonderful time she bought me dessert afterwards and then we went to my grandmothers where she was on the phone for another hour trying to activate their cellphone she gets along well with my family she talks to my sister on the phone i asked her to a concert and she's going with me and then i mentioned a Halloween party i have to go to and she asked if she could come the i can't see why she would do all this stuff if she didn't care i dont know if she's sending out mixed signals on purpose to throw me off i'm not going pursue her anymore though because i sent her a text thanking her for the help and saying i had fun and her response was "thanks bud i had a blast... as always" i dont even remember what my question was anymore i just want some insight from someone please my mind is just all over the place and i dont know what to do


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  • She said thanks what is your problem


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  • There is not one single period to end a sentence in that entire thing. l... m.. f... a.. o.