So how many times or years of rejection does a man have to take to realise he is not worthy of a girl?

I think when you 25 and you not coming right with women, something is wrong with you (in attraction). You can be an awesome guy (or not) and still not be attractive. But at what stage does a man say "enough is enough" ?


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  • 1 time is enough. If a girl tells you that she's not interested it's going to change.

  • You should move on

    • To the next rejection? So then how many times do I got to move from rejection to rejection until I realise who I am is not worthy of a girl? When do i change? What age? It do u have to be one of those poor men who get lucky with one at the age of 35 or so and pretend the world is oh so heavenly?

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  • It is not a question of not being worthy, it is a matter of what you and she want in a potential mate.
    I had that conversation with myself not long after I turned 30, because during my teens and 20s I was only slightly more popular than leprosy, in the minds of the young women with whom I came into contact.
    At your age (33), you should have begun to experience the 180 degree shift in demonstrated female group preference, in terms of the type of men they want.
    That you have not experienced that, suggests to me that you might be doing something wrong. Feel free to PM me if you would like me to suggest a few things that might help.
    I am also forced to wonder about your mental health. You post reads as though it was written by someone who has a serious depressive condition. I can talk about that, because I have had what the shrink classes as a 'major depressive disorder' all my life.

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