How do I know if someone in the Service Industry really likes me?

I know it's their jobs to be nice to you. but if you like the waiter or the waitress how can you know if it might be develop in something more?


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  • Always assume they don't. Speaking as a former server, if the person is actually interested, they will slip you their number on the receipt or something. If they don't make a move, you're best assuming they're not actually interested / just doing their job. It makes people super uncomfortable and puts them in a really awkward and unfair position to be directly asked out or hit on while doing their job... trying to balance being nice/pleasant with a rejection is not easy. Don't put them in that position!!


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  • Shouldn't you set your sights a little higher than the hired help at Arby's? Or are you just wanting to catch a dick once or twice?


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