Why is she not texting me back?

So I met this girl on OkCupid, we really connected well and I really started to like her, I told her she was really cute and she told me I was really handsome. We've been snapchatting for about a month now and texting too. The other day we FaceTimed and she said she would love to hang out with me some time. This week she went back to school, she's only goes like an hour away to school so it's no big deal. We're both 21 by the way. Anyway yesterday I snapped her "Hey!" And she responded "hey hey" and I asked her how school went. No response. Then today I asked her if she wanted to FaceTime, again she opened it and no response. I don't like text her everyday by the way. But this is like the 3rd girl in a row that has done this to me, (and the other two were girls I personally knew) they each all led me onto them and literally each of them knew I wanted a relationship with them and said they wanted the same thing, but eventually just end up not texting me back ever again. I don't get it why? And what can I do?


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  • Just text her one last time and say: "Hey, you seem to have lost interest. And that's ok with me, nothing you or I can do about that, I'd just like it if you could clarify that with me instead of leaving me hanging. So what's up?"
    There are several ways this could end:
    - She ignores that message too, which makes it 100% clear she's not interested.
    - She responds and apologizes, and you continue as normal and even end up meeting each other.
    - She responds, makes up some excuse but then ignores you again after that. = She's lying to "protect your ego" or to keep you hanging because she likes the attention. You'll know that this is also essentially a sign of disinterest, so move on.


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  • Lol same thing happened to me once so now you wait and see whether she will reply or not. If she does donot open the snap and appear busy. Take at least a day to reply and DONT I REPEAT DONT TEXT NOW.
    There is a chance that she might be busy with school so keep tht in mind too


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  • Online dating is tricky. Unfortunately I know a ton of my girl friends who only go on dating sites for the attention of guys and have no intentions of meeting in real life. This could be the case...

  • You've waited too long to meet this person. She's lost interest.


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