How to approach women on college campus?

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I'm a junior who has just moved back to campus, and despite being an upperclassman, I still haven't quite figured out how to approach women in college. For the last two years, I've essentially had no love life, and I'd like to change that this year. Can any of you offer some advice? Any advice from college girls would be especially appreciated! Basically, I have two questions. Thanks!

(1) Is it okay to approach women that you don't know at all on campus, or is that seen as creepy/desperate? I'm not sure whether it would come across as sleazy, because if I don't know her, then obviously I'm just approaching her because of she's attractive. For example, sometimes I'll see a cute girl in the cafeteria or just walking across campus--is it okay just to go up to her and introduce myself? If not, what in your opinion are some more acceptable alternatives for socializing with women?

(2) If approaching a woman is fine, then what do you say? I find that this is particularly challenging from a male perspective, because we are always being told that we want to make our intentions clears so we don't wind up in the dread friend zone. But then I also wouldn't want to be too forward and freak the girl out. Can you guys suggest any openers that would break the ice and get my intentions across in a way that a girl would be comfortable with?


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  • (1) in Lithuania to do that would be ok, so I imply that it would be the same in USA where you live.
    (2) yeah, that's the difficult part. I'd say that if a girl doesn't find you physically attractive at first sight she will friendzone you sooner or later, you could roll over your head to impress her it won't help.
    It may sound cheesy but be yourself you should not think too much how to 'impress' a girl, more likely if you want a relationship you should present yourself as you are.
    You can try to start by a casual talk and try to grasp hers interests and hobbies by interacting with her, that the talk would turn out to be more interesting for you and her, after while if you liked the girl the way she treated you during a talk (showed interest, wasn't totally rude) and intrigued you to know her better, I suppose it's decent to ask if she wants to meet up later.


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  • Just wait till you see her in the canteen> Walk up to her with an air of confidence - women like confident men - - Whip out your anaconda snake monster and slap it down on table in front of her eyes and ask her if she wants a piece of it to go with the sardine sandwich she eating. Trust me it will work!


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  • don't see anything wrong with it

  • Type this on youtube and u will get ur answers. Picking up girls/college girls.