What does it mean when a guy says "You're mine' but is not your bf?

So I told the guy I like and who likes me in return, that another guy likes me but I do not like him in that way. His response was 'You're Mine." the thing is, he is not my boyfriend we only have been in hangouts and like one date. So what does this mean in guy language?

3mo I also want guy's opinion on this as well.


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  • You guys are not in a relationship but do things gfs and bfs do. AKA Situationship

  • It means that he wants to date you and he's probably going to ask you out soon. So it kinda means that you guys are " together " but not quite official yet if that makes any sense.

    • 3mo

      Well we have talked about it only a few times the other day but I don't know if he's serious about it.

  • It's flirting.
    Just talk to him! If you want him as your boyfriend at some point you should say so.

    • 3mo

      If she like him
      Or like him too much
      Or consider him a possible candidate for a future boyfriend
      She should reply your mine 2 :)

    • 3mo

      After u r mine 2
      A kiss