I don't know what to do!😪?

So my girlfriend if 6 years separated cuz I couldn't stop talking to other women. It was a mutual agreement. We just got back together after being separated for 4 months. I love her so much but I still have the urge to want to talk to other girls and flirt. I want things to work out but I just can't get over the fact that other women flirt with me and I always want to Pursue them. I'm so upset and confused please help!!


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  • Think of how it would feel if your girlfriend was paying attention to other guys or acting a certain away around them in the way you are doing to other women? Do you agree she should stay with you after that? Do you agree she deserves better? I mean you love her right? If so, then yes, she deserves better. I can see why you both made this agreement becuase look at what it's doing; it's causing problems and trust issues.

    Now, normally, I always believed it was okay for boyfriends to still have female friends and girlfriends have male friends, just as long as they are faithful, but this is completely different. You are purposely looking the other way, and if women approach you, you didn't have the decency to turn them down and say "Hey, not interested, I'm taken." You just can't do it.

    If that's the case, your girlfriend deserves to walk out, becuase one of these days, you'll get even weaker and just end up fooling around or sleeping with somebody else. If you can't practice self control now, then you'll stumble sooner or later. It sounds like you enjoy the single life and just want to have fun without strings attached. You are not ready to settle down.

    You need to be honest with her. If you truly love her like you say you do, you will do the right and fair thing. What do I mean?
    1) If you have such a problem with this temptation, you will tell her the truth that you can't just handle yourself. Therefore, you should let her go so she can be with somebody else that can commit to her. OR
    2) you tell her how much she mean to you and that you will dedicate all and every part of your being to the relationship you have with her, and you will mean it. Don't lie to her, becuase that isn't love.

    You can't have it both ways, dude.

    • Thanks that helps a lot. Like ta crazy cuz when we were apart I talked to girls and it just got boring. I wanted her back and I just wanted to keep talking to her. I told her that I ant to be with her but I want to take the time and make sure I'm ready to be with her. And I did that and now that I have her. I don't feel any happier or sad I just feel neutral I don't know what that is about. But she's the perfect woman. In my eyes. And I only talk to other women cuz I'm bored. Not with her but just in general.

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  • Why do you want a girlfriend if you are pursuing other women? That's stupid. Obviously you care nothing about your "girlfriend" if you hurt her like this by chasing every skirt that comes your way. I'm surprised she hasn't kicked you to the curb long before this.

    • I don't hook up with them I just flirt with them that's all. And I'm trying my best to stop but the urge gets stronger when I don't do it.

    • Oh please grow up.

    • Yea you're right. I should just leave them alone cuz she's an amazing woman and I should know better.

  • If you love her like you say you do then you should make a conscientious effort not to do those things. Girls do not like their feeling to be played with nor do they like being messed with (aka being played by the guy she likes.) It seems to me that a part of you wants to be free to do those things & if that's the case then you need to let her go so she can find someone who respects her.

  • Well you need to work out what you want more. And if you can't stop yourself then clearly you deserve to be single

  • Don't talk to them


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  • you should really stop flirting other women. It might be okay for now, but what comes shall com