I am overthinking about what he said to me?

Okay I had to repost this because I type it to fast the first time and It didn't makes sense sorry lol
So the guy I have been talking to text couple of things but the words that stuck out to me the most was this

(I believe everything happens for a reason like us meeting each other and Hopefully everything works out between us.) What could he mean by this? because In my head I'm thinking, he means go with the flow of things like maybe he's not sure about us but I don't know if I am overthinking about what he said. What want to know I am overthinking what he said and what does he mean. I greatly appreciate it a reply please and thank you 😊


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  • He is very into you and he is saying that indirectly. Congrats and best of luck


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  • I think he probably likes you and he has high expectations of your relationship.