Is it weird that I like to hang out with guys more than girls?

i get bored a lot with girls... except for my besties but if I was at a party I would usually go sit and talk with the guys... is that weird?


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  • Nope, not odd at all.

    Some girls seem to be flaky, nasty, rude to each other, etc. While some guys are the same way, we're generally a lot less dramatic, or we internalize it more.

    Plus it depends on what you like to do more, and which aspects of something you can appreciate.

    If you can find that, and are included in the conversation and no one is dominating it unfairly, then it goes a lot better.

    Perhaps you like more "male oriented" things. Say you love video games or, say, Science fiction, for example - you'll get along with a lot of guys more than you probably would with girls.

    But if you're a big Jane Austine fan, for example, and you insist on dominating conversations with how hot Mr Darcy was (don't laugh, I had a conversation overheard and stolen from me about this just yesterday), then you're probably not going to get along with the guys as much as you would with women. However, if you're the type who read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and can bring up whichever aspect, THEN you'll be more likely to get men involved in the conversation.


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  • I have more common interests with boys than girls. I enjoy playing video games, I like being active, I can't really say I know celebrities, I don't drool over Rob Pattinson (I actually had to google his name to be sure I had it correct), my favourite shows are things like Top Gear, Mythbusters, and Deadliest Catch (not Top Model or American Housewives), and for the most part I enjoy how relatively drama free hanging out with the guys can be. I could be entirely wrong, but at least if guys gossip and jibber jabber behind my back I never catch wind of it. I also find more girls to be passive aggressive than boys - and I simply don't deal well with those sort of people. I try to avoid them at all costs. It's sad, because I try to be a lady, but it seems very hard to find women who share similar interests and who are not all about competing and being mean. >_<

  • Nope!

    ^All my friends are guys & I do not LIKE any of them - as in no ulterior motive.. I just get a long better with them.

    I did not believe that girls are less logical naturally, but society seems to have a vested interest in promoting that girls are capricious high-strung flaky juvenile & not too good at conversation lol

    So with the current state of affairs I prefer to talk to guys, but I have faith in the humanity of girls & I think as they become woman they will ignore the rediculous games they are supposed to play... I expect as I get older I will have more woman friends*

    - Wouldn't worry about it anyways - you like to hang with who you get along with.


  • nope at all, I hang out with more guys than girls too because most girls start drama & talk sh*t. So yeah I see nothing wrong with it. ha can you give me some advice on my situation too?lol

  • Not at all. Guys are drama free and care free for that matter. Little things that bother girls don't phase guys in the least. They don't vent for hours on hours and dissect every little detail of an argument. Guys are much more chill and fun to be around in my opinion.

    I'm not friends with many girls just because I hate how girls act.